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Data Cabling Services

Our Structured Cabling Division Focuses On Implementing Code-Compliant, Standards-Based And High-Performing Infrastructure Systems.

Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat 6A/10G & Cat 8.

Data Cabling

Code-Compliant, Standards-Based And High-Performing Infrastructure

CDS Cabling provides a complete turnkey Structured Cabling solution using technicians and engineers who are not only fully qualified to work with the latest Copper and Fibre Optic Data and Voice Cabling Systems (such as Category 5e, Category 6 Single and Multimode Fibre Optic) – but who also have the expertise and experience to manage the entire process from the initial strategy through the design process to complete implementation and testing.

Data Cabling Services
“Gordon & his engineers continue to meet & exceed the challenges of our ICT Outreach team and the schools we cover”
– Vince Mignacca, CEO, Redsquid

To ensure you have a total one-stop solution for all your local and wide-area networking needs, that includes the direct supply of all the cables and components your cabling infrastructure requires as well as the installation and configuration of premium brand state of the art active hardware components (Switches, Routers, Wireless Access-Points).

Naturally, we fully test the systems and components installed and certify that they meet or exceed all relevant standards – and we provide the finished cabling infrastructure with a full 25-year manufacturer’s components warranty.

Cat 5e

This ‘enhanced’ version of Cat 5 supports 10 gigabit speeds and with bandwidth up to 200MHz and less interference than its predecessor. As the lowest category cable for gigabit Ethernet it’s a cost-effective solution for applications such as media streaming that need to transmit large datasets.

Cat 6

With a higher signal-to-noise ratio than Cat 5e and bandwidth up to 250MHz Cat 6 is called for where there are multiple and simultaneous network demands, including large data transfers and video conferencing.

Cat 6a/10G

With double the bandwidth of Cat 6 (500MHz) and far less interference, Cat 6a comes into its own where a greater distance needs to be covered – handling up to 100 metres compared with a maximum of 55 metres for Cat 6.

Cat 7

Double shielded for maximum interference protection, Cat 7 is considerably more costly but with 600MHz bandwidth it is now the accepted standard for ultra fast Ethernet and an effective way to future-proof your network.

Cat 8

This is the latest & fastest category of Ethernet standard – recommended for critical applications that need maximum headroom for data transmission such as hospitals, government facilities and datacentres.

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