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Blown Fibre

A great way to future-proof for your increasing bandwidth needs, this is an ingenious technique by which we install the outer tube for the fibre before you actually need the fibre. Once in place, you have the infrastructure for easy installation of the most appropriate fibre cores by our fully trained and equipped engineers.

Single mode/ OS1 & OS2

Perfect for long distance/high bandwidth applications.

Multimode/ OM2, OM3, OM4 & OM5

With the imminent advent of the 10G network the traditional Multimode Fibre (62.5µm OM1) no longer carries adequate bandwidth. CDS Cabling, therefore, prefers to work with the new generation 50µm OM3/OM4/OM5 Multimode fibre, which future-proofs your bandwidth demands.

Fusion splicing termination

This involves supplying ‘pre-terminated pigtails’ –fibre cords ready to be ‘fusion spliced’ into the installed cable.

FLUKE DSX 5000 series testing

This is the simple but accurate way to gauge total Db loss along a length of fibre without the need for printed graphs and technical date as provided by an OTDR.

Traditionally used to provide backbone links that increase available transfer bandwidth and distance, Fibre Optic cabling’s increased capacity (larger data bandwidth packets), distance and speed is in demand by more and more organisations these days as the basis of entire networks, delivering right to the desk.

CDS Cabling are perfectly placed to get your network up to speed with a comprehensive range of designed, installed and certified turnkey Fibre Optic solutions and testing regimes. Unusually in this sector, we’re fully equipped with the latest technology and training to offer a fully installed and implemented Fibre Optic solution.

“We have used CDS Cabling for extensive fibre optic backbone installs” 

Lee Barker, IT Director

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