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“Our Reputation & Knowledge Is Our Future And Both Play A Key Role In Remaining Successful In An Ever Changing Marketplace”

About us

About The CDS Cabling Team

CDS Cabling has been providing the very best in Network Infrastructure services to the Information Technology industry – whether through stand-alone IT providers or direct client relationships for many years. The Founder Gordon Daniells, remains at the sharp end of response & project management and says ‘being hands-on even for the smallest of jobs gives our clients real confidence that we care…. & we do’

With a team of engineers who follow the ethos that the company has built, CDS Cabling continues to stay ahead of the game in terms of technology ‘Our reputation & knowledge is our future and both play a key role in remaining successful in an ever changing marketplace’ comments Gordon.

We offer flexible terms of business that our clients can understand, whether it’s contract conditions or payment schedules – transparency is key. Finance director Stephen ‘We understand business needs and managing expectations is key to building long lasting, successful relationships. Our aim is to always remain in touch with our client’s needs and to adapt if necessary’.

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